Rinaldo Gasparini



For all those who love sailing and the sea, the challenge and adventure, the word Chica Boba has a precise meaning, which evokes the great achievements from the beautiful boats Chica Boba, distinguished by their color fuxia.

From Colombiadi in 1992 with the crew of the Chica Boba II, awarded by the Mayor of New York in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, to the many races won by Chica Boba 2000 to the noble grandeur of Chica Magnum, ready for new adventures.

The spirit and the world Chica Boba, created by Rinaldo Gasparini, has been able to involve, over the years, many sailors around the world, broadcasting to all the same passion for the sea of Rinaldo, always ready and excited to engage new and more demanding challenges .

To honor the memory of Rinaldo Gasparini and keep alive his passion, his friends have created the "Fuxia The Race", which has become one of the most heartfelt sailing events on the Adriatic.
During this event, the crews of several boats in the race, all wearing T-shirts fuxia demonstrate their adherence to the spirit that has always characterized the deeds Chica Boba: live the sea alongside new and old friends united by the same passion for sailing and adventure.
Rinaldo Gasparini, often busy and unable to participate directly in the races, he repeated this phrase at all, which embodies in a clear and articulate his thoughts: "My boat must sail also without me."
The Race The Fuxia, wants to maintain these values, allowing an increasing number of sailors to learn about the philosophy and the world Chica Boba.